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The Basketeers are a series of build-your-own-character woven containers that come with a bag of modular, wooden elements that can be attached to the basket. Much like the beloved Mr. Potato Head game, this basket is meant to encourage play and imagination, while also containing your precious things inside. Only 2 available. Size: 11"x11"x9" 


Pirate from the Basketeers has seen the world! He has navigated many oceans and has anchored on many shores. His lifetime mission is to clean the ocean from plastic balloons. He and his crew go in search of lost balloons that have found their way into the ocean where they can cause lots of harm to the fish and marine life. He likes to be called Pirate because he lost an eye and leg ones, trying to retrieve a balloon that was wedged in a ship wreck under water. We won’t go into the details, but there is a good ending to it all and it does make him look like a proper pirate.  As a thank you for his heroic efforts in liberating the balloon, he received a Golden Eye from the fish who live in the shipwreck. With it, he can see deeper and farther into the deep ocean than any other creature. Except for the angler fish. That brings up another tale of adventure….. ask him sometime about the angler fish and the underwater Sea of Lost Shells.


Pirate - A Basketeer

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