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The Basketeers are a series of build-your-own-character woven containers that come with a bag of modular, wooden elements that can be attached to the basket. Much like the beloved Mr. Potato Head game, this basket is meant to encourage play and imagination, while also containing your precious things inside. Only 1 available.

Size: 11"x11"x9"


Blue Bird is a wise bird. Whenever she has to make a decision about something or she feels uncertain, she flies up into a tree to see the world from above. It gives her a wider perspective on things, which we can’t argue with. Like many birds, she loves to sing. Preferably at 4am in the morning, when the world is quiet and the air smells fresh. It drives the humans in her neighborhood crazy, but she doesn’t care. She has very colorful feathers because she’s half parrot. But what’s really special about her is her blue beak, which is rare in the bird world. You see, while her mother is a parrot, her father is a…… But she’ll have to tell you that story.

Blue Bird - A Basketeer

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