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Our Story

I began Spiders & Birds during the Covid-19 pandemic. After a 15 year, solid career in exhibiting sculptures all over the US and abroad, I wanted to stretch my wings again to start a design studio that borrows my fine arts aesthetics of play to combine with more functional items for the home. While I am still working in my regular studio making sculptures (, I am excited to start this new branch in my art career that focuses on a slightly different interest of mine.

These lamps are designed for people who love play and who like to surround themselves with objects that remind them of that. The play element in each of the lamps gives you choices.  Each lamp comes with a bag of wooden components that allow you to change the lamp's configuration in space from table to pendant to floor lamp. Or you can use the same wooden parts to make your own designs with it. 


The Process

Craftsmanship and good quality materials are very important to me. Every lamp is made by myself in the studio. It begins with hand-painted watercolor paper  that are then cut into strips. I then triple weave each lamp with the hexagon weave, to make it both robust and light weight. Finally, the borders are sewn, the wooden legs are painted and the electrical cord is tested out. Once finished, each piece is lovingly packaged and shipped. 

Why name it Spiders & Birds?

After weaving for over 20 years, I can’t imagine a better way to give honor to traditional weaving techniques than by naming my business after the two greatest engineers and weavers on this planet - spiders & birds.

Portrait Photo by Izzy Berdan
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