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The Basketeers are a series of build-your-own-character woven containers that come with a bag of modular, wooden elements that can be attached to the basket. Much like the beloved Mr. Potato Head game, this basket is meant to encourage play and imagination, while also containing your precious things inside. Only 3 available. Size: 11"x"11"x9"


Mighty Pig from the Basketeers is smart, confident and loves a good joke. She was born with three legs, which has been her strength throughout her life. It gives her a kind of stability four legs never would. Her one weakness is banana ice cream, preferably with a bit of nuts sprinkled over the top. Her ears wiggle when she senses someone lying their way out of a tricky situation, so better not try to steal any of her ice cream. She’s got a really nice tail she’s really proud of because it comes with a great story. It involves a magician, if you can believe it. You should ask her about it some time….

Mighty Pig - A Basketeer

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