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The Lollies are all about fun, color and surprise. These wall lamps give off an unexpected, warm colored glow when lit, due to the woven colored pattern inside. An LED strip that encircles the rim of the woven form, lights the inside evenly. Because of their lightweight, a simple nail or pushpin in enough to attach it to any wall. We decided to name them after our favorite candy: fruit-flavored Lollipops.


Size: 12”x12”x3”


High quality watercolor paper, covered in acrylic - double woven

LED strip (warm white – 1700K) with DC 12 V adaptor

Mint Lolli

  • Every piece is made by hand, from painting the paper, cutting the strips, weaving the lamp shade and coloring the wooden components in our studio in Boston. Once your order and payment goes through, we begin working on the piece and send you an estimated timeline. Note that colors can vary depending on the screen resolution of your device. We will try to approximate your piece as closely to the one pictured above.

    Please expect about 1 week of production time, plus shipping transit.